Have Fun On Your Fitness Journey

Craig, a local Personal Trainer, came to us with an idea for a local gym for local people. From there, Hybrid Health & Performance was born. From initial conversations around a brand identity and how he wanted Hybrid to feel to final logos, video production, photography and creation of regular content, we’ve been on quite a journey with Hybrid Health & Performance.
The strong, yet simple brand is adaptable to any situation.  Photography and video production has been used to ensure the brand is now recognised and accepted in the local community as a the go to gym for improved performance and guaranteed results. After the branding was completed, guidelines were provided to ensure consistency through everything physical and digital that Hybrid take part in.
Just as Hybrid tailors their services to their clients, we have tailored all of our services to help the Hybrid team grow and evolve.
Videos were filmed with each social media platform in mind, creating reels, stories, posts and 16:9 video to suit every situation and every platform.


  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Branding
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Activation
  • Social Media Content Creation